Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Yahoo Vista"

The new interface of Yahoo is going to look exceedingly wavy and dark and will be next to impossible to use. When using the "Yahoo Vista" search engine you must follow these steps to actually search for something:

  • 1. Go to

  • 2. Load three plug-ins in order to make the site function properly, and after each plug-in make sure to reboot your computer. YOU MUST REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER AFTER EACH PLUG-IN OR IT WILL NOT SEARCH CORRECTLY.

  • 3. Click the link for "New Search"

  • 4. Enter the text that you would like to search for in the third box down, the other two are there because yahoovista would crash if they weren't and they haven't figured out how to get rid of them.

  • 5. Reboot your machine.

  • 6. Click the search key.

  • 7. Fill out the authentication javascript key in order to complete the search.

  • 8. Reboot.

  • 9. See the first five search results, to see more you must install four more plug-ins.

Search will be so much easier with this new Yahoo/Microsoft merger. I can't wait.

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