Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yahoo '95

Yahoo '95 is the newest operating search engine from Microhoo.

It is slow, awful, will crash your computer multiple times, installing the software is a bitch, will never kill IE 6, is backdating technology by 14 years, will never die, is slowly destroying everything good about the internet and is not usable by 95% of servers.

But 65% of the population will still probably use it...

I would argue that this is mostly because Yahoo '95 comes with Chips Challenge:

No matter what my problems are with Microsoft and/or yahoo, I will always love chips challenge.

Yahoo Mail Accounts Only Accept Certain Attachments

It was announced that Yahoo Mail can now only accept certain attachments:

Acceptable Attachments:

Word Docs
Excel Docs
Power Point Presentations
Outlook Emails

Not-Acceptable Attachments:

Everything useful.

Along with this announcement was also a quote that simply said: "Microsoft... we will ruin Yahoo... we will destroy the internet."

Microsoft then joined the dark side.

"Yahoo Vista"

The new interface of Yahoo is going to look exceedingly wavy and dark and will be next to impossible to use. When using the "Yahoo Vista" search engine you must follow these steps to actually search for something:

  • 1. Go to

  • 2. Load three plug-ins in order to make the site function properly, and after each plug-in make sure to reboot your computer. YOU MUST REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER AFTER EACH PLUG-IN OR IT WILL NOT SEARCH CORRECTLY.

  • 3. Click the link for "New Search"

  • 4. Enter the text that you would like to search for in the third box down, the other two are there because yahoovista would crash if they weren't and they haven't figured out how to get rid of them.

  • 5. Reboot your machine.

  • 6. Click the search key.

  • 7. Fill out the authentication javascript key in order to complete the search.

  • 8. Reboot.

  • 9. See the first five search results, to see more you must install four more plug-ins.

Search will be so much easier with this new Yahoo/Microsoft merger. I can't wait.

It's official...

Microsoft and Yahoo are joining forces:

Microsoft, Yahoo finally reach deal

What does this mean for the users other than it gives us even more motivation to continue to use Google?


But what kind of new stuff can we expect to find? I'm thinking a bunch of even more shitty shitty interfaces and searches.

I hope someone "Bings" about this merger and finds this blog. If this is how you found it, congratulations for finding anything on that search engine! Now use google.